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Five Good Things

1.) I got a new job.  I highly suspect it will be a fantastic job.

2.) I hosted a potluck over the weekend, which was both delicious and fun.  I did end up with a stomach ache, but I expected that and bought Tums ahead of time.

3.) At said potluck, there were no recycling-trash errors and it took less than an hour to clean up.  GOOD WORK FRIENDS!

4.) One of my favorite dogs turned one year old on Sunday.  Because he is a dog and I am a person, I got to eat delicious cake.  Pupples got to eat puppy cake.

5.) My computer got a horrible, nasty virus over the holidays (hence the silence) but it is fixed (thanks friend!) and pretty much back to normal.  Like.


Five Good Things

1.) My new jacket arrived today.  It is a warm and soft dream.  I want to turn off my heat and sleep in it tonight, except that would probably be bad for my pipes.

2.) I cleaned my shower head (wha?) and increased water pressure is my  reward.  I did not have any issues with my previous shower pressure, it is just better now and I deserve nice things…like fantastic shower pressure.

3.) 2011 came without any disasters and catastrophes and with a gathering replete with delicious consumables, including Baltika 9, my favorite Russian beer.  (NB: Baltika 9 is still pretty gross; it is just the least gross Russian beer I’ve tried.  I like it for nostalgia – and I got to drink it out of a champagne flute.)

4.) The tundra enjoyed a brief warm spell last week, during which it was warmer here than in Phoenix.  I called Phoenix to let them know.

5.) For whatever reason (it’s not the season) strawberries have been wonderfully sweet lately.   I keep accidentally eating entire containers because they are just that good.  Whatever though – that just means I am full of vitamins and stuff.  (Not pesticides stuff though, because I am not gross and I properly wash my strawberries.


Five Good Things

1.) My college friends and I had our tenth anniversary Christmas celebration.  While I wish I got to see them more often, but I’m glad we have a standing, annual reunion.  (And we’re totally going to submit a picture to our alum magazine.  We’re aging well.)

2.) I get to see my old nanny kids today!  They are wonderful and amazing, probably because those same adjectives apply to their parents.  It’s on the way to my family’s Christmas location, so I’m spending a couple of days with them first.

3.) I get to see some of my family for Christmas!  While we are going to have to call those that cannot make it, the group of us that will be together should have a blast.

4.) Family Christmas is being held in a much, much warmer state than the tundra.  Like, I-packed-a-different-jacket warmer.

5.) While I rarely check suitcases, the length and climates of this trip (along   with the packed gifts) required me to do so.  My suitcase?  It weighs 49lbs.  (There’s an additional charge for exceeding 50lbs.)



Yesterday was the 25th time I’ve title a post “Five Good Things.”  Initially – and intermittantly – I tried/try to be sassy with my titles so that was the 48th 5GT overall.  FORTY EIGHT!  That’s 240 good things. 

It’s not that bad to be me.


Five Good Things

1.) I have had this blog for over a year and have yet to get in trouble for having it or anything on it.  Additionally, I also am still writing on le blog.  Yay committment!

2.) Copying (the most sincere form of flattery) a challenge KTB issued herself, I decided to crock once per week while home this winter.  This week was my third consecutive week of crockery. 

3.) I’m going to see my college friends in less than one week and my family in just over one week.

4.) I got a new computer cord!  My old one broke, meaning computer down, meaning that’s why I’ve been so quiet.

5.) I bought new hair conditioner tonight.  It’s medium fancy and smells pretty great.  As much as I hate mornings, I’m almost excited to get up and shower.


Five Good Things

1.) On Demand offers winning programs such as “Bear vs. Tiger,” in which they SCIENTIFICALLY DEDUCE who would trounce whom.  (They ruled bear wins.)

2.) I did some crock pot experimenting and it wasn’t a disaster.  Suprising, as it was totally a baking project.  (More on this later this week.)

3.) Crockpotluck?  Crockvention?  Whatever term I make up and settle upon, I crocked some dessert up last night and KTB crocked up some dinner.  Yum.  Yay for neighbors and crock pots. 

4.) The (free) outdoor skating rinks are open and the weather is cold enough that the ice should be decent.  I loathe soft ice.

5.) I am full of SUPERFOOD!  Kale was on sale and I know how to prepare it so that it is delicious…versus tough and kind of gross.  I am a champ, a superchamp.


Five Good Things

1.) The reason for my silence is that I was on vacation.  VACATION WAS GREAT!

2.) I finally, finally, finally saw a real football game played live.  It was super fun and ultra great. 

3.) I’m getting a new winter coat.   I am totally going to upgrade the warmth factor.  I also might attempt to buy a jacket that is not blue.  (I accidentally keep buying blue outerwear.)

4.) Improv tomorrow night!  I am already ready to laugh.

5.) I did not gain ten million pounds over Thanksgiving and vacation, despite eating a lot of junk.  I probably gained more like two.

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