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Currently Reading…

One of the great things about my job is that it allows me a fair amount of “my choice” reading time – on the clock.  Because I’m a huge dork, I’m currently reading (yet another) book about Tudor England: The Children of Henry VIII by Alison Weir.  Yesterday, I got sidetracked and did not put my book away before getting the peanut up from her nap.  (Aside: Really glad I’m a huge dork.)

Ever aware, Peanut spotted it and asked me what was on her coffee table.  I make it a point to be as honest as possible with the kids, but also know my audience, so simplified my answer.  “That is the book I am reading.  It is about those two girls, who are princesses, and their brother, who is a prince.  The other girl is their cousin.”

one prince, two princesses, and their cousin

Peanut nodded and moved on to her own books…which just so happen to also about princes and princesses.   D’oh.  Whatever.  My prince, princesses, and their cousin are cooler.

Aside #2: I am aware that Jane Grey was the grandniece, not child, of Henry VIII and her inclusion on the cover bothers me.


Bread Baking: A Tip

With the aid of the internet, I taught myself how to make homemade bread tonight.  The only trick involved convincing my dough to rise, as it turns out that “green”* decisions about heat are not conducive to dough rising.  Apparently yeast isn’t a big fan of 63.  We compromised: I stuck a towel in the dryer and wrapped my bowl up in it, and then placed the bundled bowl near a space heater.  It rose beautifully and baked up deliciously.  



Dorking Out

Dork Point #1: Today’s date looks like it could be some sort of secret message in binary code: 1/11/11.  

Dork Point #2: I spent a fair amount of time today wondering what 11111 is in binary.

Dork Point #3: I asked Google what 11111 was in binary code.

Dork Point #4: I am blogging about this all.

Dork Point #5: 31 is the decimal conversion of 11111.


Toys That Are NOT Fun For Adults – Preschool Edition

I previously pontificated about gifts one might buy for a toddler, that would likely cause the parent(s) to have a tantrum.  Since not everyone (e.g. me) has completed their holiday shopping yet, I thought I’d do another version – this time focusing on what not (or “not”) to buy for the preschool set….

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Yesterday was the 25th time I’ve title a post “Five Good Things.”  Initially – and intermittantly – I tried/try to be sassy with my titles so that was the 48th 5GT overall.  FORTY EIGHT!  That’s 240 good things. 

It’s not that bad to be me.


Five Good Things

1.) On Demand offers winning programs such as “Bear vs. Tiger,” in which they SCIENTIFICALLY DEDUCE who would trounce whom.  (They ruled bear wins.)

2.) I did some crock pot experimenting and it wasn’t a disaster.  Suprising, as it was totally a baking project.  (More on this later this week.)

3.) Crockpotluck?  Crockvention?  Whatever term I make up and settle upon, I crocked some dessert up last night and KTB crocked up some dinner.  Yum.  Yay for neighbors and crock pots. 

4.) The (free) outdoor skating rinks are open and the weather is cold enough that the ice should be decent.  I loathe soft ice.

5.) I am full of SUPERFOOD!  Kale was on sale and I know how to prepare it so that it is delicious…versus tough and kind of gross.  I am a champ, a superchamp.


Inflight WiFi

I’m flying Delta, a mistake for other reasons, who is offering free in-flight wifi through the holidays.  So far I’ve used it to:

1.) Search flights to family destination Christmas (woo!)…not on Delta

2.) Check the arrival status of my flight and email a text to the friend who is picking me up, telling her my delay has increased while inair.

3.) Play on facebook, gchat, and email.

4.) Take and post a picture of my ridiculous amounts of legroom (emergency exit row + almost a legal midget in Canada) on facebook.

5.) Blog.

Basically, what I would do at home.   I find the whole concept of in-flight wifi kind of ridiculous.  I mean, none of those things were at all pressing.  I remember the days when flights were spent with parents just threatening to beat their children with the books they were not reading, if they didn’t quiet down.

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