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random self observation

When available, I tend to wear a seatbelt in taxi cabs.  I have a particular form of “luck” where I end up with particularly “special” cabbies, so it seems pretty prudent.  Additionally, when I am crossing streets in marked crosswalks (sometimes with the light and everything) the majority of vehicles that I dodge (particularly when I am with The Kid) are…taxis. 

One thing I’ve learned is to buckle up as soon as entering, so it doesn’t seem like a judgment to the driver.  They tend to not like that so much.

Seriously though – I trust my own driving and that of (most of my) friends more than a random cabbie and I *always* buckle up when driving myself or with friends.  Not so much because it’s the law, but because I like my face and level of brain function.  Safety is no accident!


five more good things

I’ve decided that “Five Good Things” is going to be a weekly thing, mostly on Mondays. 

1. I popped into my local, independent bookstore to buy a gift for a friend.  While they didn’t have the book that I was looking for (they ordered it for me) they did have THREE books by my favorite author that I do not already own…two of which I’d sort of been salivating to have…ALL THREE OF WHICH WERE ON CLEARANCE!  Meaning I got all three of them for less than the list price of any one.  This author specializes in a particularly dorky and specific niche, which is not at all popular here in the desolate tundra, so finding a store that even carries three of her books can be a win. 

2.) I had a really, really productive weekend.  I crossed jobs off of my to-do list that have been there since I moved.  It felt so good that once I got started, I rewrote my to-do list in a couple of different ways, allowing me to cross off each accomplishment three times.  I crossed so, so many things off.  It was great.  And then I baked cookies.  And then I ate them.  All of them.

3.) My favorite sheets are on my bed.  They are pink and like BUTTER.  Except not really like butter, because that would be gross.  They are like butter in the non-literal way, where I mean that they are soft and rich and smooth and oh-so-fine. 

4.) My new boots arrived!  They are soft and warm and FIT.  The last is only true because they are totally from the kids’ department.  Whatever, that also made them wicked cheap.  Now it can snow…again…probably for the next five months.  I love me my tundra homesteading.

5.) Our trash and recycling are out on the curb; the containers are the same size.  We have two almost full recycling bins, but our ONE trash bin is only about 2/3 full.  We have two trash bins, but really only ever use one.



I have totally consulted a Magic 8 Ball for major life decisions, such as “Should I move to another state?”   In general, I have been satisfied with its advice.


Five Good Things

One of my friends is big into making our group of friends participate in “Go Arounds” – basically we go around in a circle and all answer the same question.  Go Arounds can be – and have been – about pretty much anything: the last time one totally wiped out, best thing one has eaten, “coolest” thing one wore in the 1980s, dream car, etc.  One of our most frequent Go Arounds is “Five Good Things.”   There are some rules about good things – they aren’t supposed to be about food, unless you’ve had a really rough day and/or it was a really good food win; events must be recent; no passive-aggressive whining – e.g. “my last car repair was only $500” does not count – unless you were quoted $5k or something.

Mondays can be rough.  Mondays where federal employees and students are enjoying a vacation day can be rougher.  However, today was a pretty good day.  Without further ado, here are five good things about today:

1.) Boo and I went to the grocery store.  (We did not take any pictures.  Did you know that our market has a policy regarding photography?)  I got coffee.  *Technically* this market does not offer free refills.   However!  When today’s barista handed me my cup, without my asking, he told me to stop by on my way out and he’d REFILL ME FOR FREE.  Bonus coffee on a Monday?  Definitely a good thing.

2.)  Boo took a great nap today; as did I.

3.) Boo did not whine at all today – not even once and not even when I gave the tired munchkin a totally nutritional and well-balanced lunch.  The kid is two.  This almost goes beyond “good thing” and into the category of “miracle.”

4.) I found twenty dollars in my jeans.  Back left pocket.

5.) One of my friends emailed me to ask for my address – so she can send me a treat!  I love me the treats.

As I was typing these up, I felt kind of bad/lame that they pretty much all dealt with work.   Then I realized that I got up half an hour before work and have been home for an hour.  So, um, that’s sort of what I did today – but hey!  I had five good things happen at work today!


Not the Momma

Boo is really good about not slipping up and calling me “Mom.” Admittedly, my name is a bit tough for the average kidlet to pronounce, but this kid has better diction than I do and says my name quite clearly.  (Aside: The first time he said my name was on my birthday; the kid has it going on.) Anyway, while Boo might not call me “Mommy,” the rest of the world sure is picking up the slack on that one.  I am mistaken for his mom at least once per day, and often more…and often by the same people.  It’s not that Boo isn’t great (he is) and when I have my own (eventual) kids, I’d be a-ok with them being like Boo – particularly that part where he was potty trained at twenty-one months.  But, Boo is NOT my kid and it really shouldn’t be that hard for people to deduce. Here are some tips that they could pick up on:

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Free Rice

I remember when the website Free Rice first launched.  I was prepping for the GREs, and while I am a total whore for flashcards (1/4 of a 3” x 5” index card, definition on the LINED side – I’m not neurotic at all!) it was a good way to shake up my studying and please my inner Lutheran.  At ten grains per correct response (nobody eats when I select the wrong answer) I could spend significant amounts of time “bettering myself and the world”…in a world where scurvy runs rampant.  Anyway, I played on free rice for awhile and then lost interest and momentum – while taking night classes, I discovered my undergraduate major is not my passion.  This realization made re-evaluating things more prudent than taking the GRES.

I recently targeted my career goals and the steps necessary to reach them…returning me to the land of to GRE prep.  We have a family tradition that the “kids” always receive books and to say that my father was thrilled when I asked for GRE prep books this year is an understatement akin to “Santa maybe, sort of, might enjoy a cookie or two.”  He sure received free shipping from Amazon with that order.  In addition to the books, I decided to see if free rice was still in existence.  Holy smokes, not only is it still in existence, but THEY’VE ADDED SUBJECTS!  The chemistry does nothing for me, nor does practicing the German I don’t speak, but world capitals and country placement?  Yipes, stripes – yes, please!  I think I’ve provided a village somewhere with carbs for a month. 
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random thoughts

As previously stated, I live in the desolate tundra.  My previous homes have been in the forsaken tundra and near the frigid waters.   I’m pretty much a champ at maintaining my figure, or at least staying within a small range of sizes. 

Is it a problem or a solution that I own thirty-seven sweaters?  This number does not include sweatshirts and fleeces.

Dearest family and friends,

Please stop buying me sweaters.  I really and truly am all set.



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