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OCleanD Tips

My neighbor friends have really been clamoring for some more cleaning tips from yours truly and one of the last things I would want to do is disappoint them.  I think they want to know what I am examining and judging when I am at their place…Psst, guys!  I’m examining and judging the delicious food and our witty repartee.

1.) I like to Windex the hangy-downy polls for twisting blinds.  Mine are transparent.  I don’t know what their proper name is, but I do know that mine are really clean.

2.) Lightbulbs and their sockets deserve to be dusted.

3.) It just is not possible to get a floor completely clean if there is anything on it.  This might be the reason my roommate and I have different opinions regarding the presence of furniture and rugs…I can only move and stack so much.  I also prefer couches with enough clearance under then to clean.

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Update: Series Commas

My hooligan friend, referred to here, has seen the light and produced written bits (to me) using – gratuitously – the series comma.  I feel relieved, optimistic, and encouraged.

I feel like I saved a soul.  I am a Jehovah’s Witness for grammar, except not really.


Baconalia! Review: Bacon-Wrapped Dates with Duvel

Bacon-wrapped dates are delicious.  I was skeptical about them, and to be honest, I’m not sure I would have tried them if I had been sans liquid courage. Happily, I was “happy” and these made me sigh in a good way.  In fact, they were so amazing that I received an email last week asking for the recipe… Since I typed it up and am le tired, I’m totally going to recycle most of that email here.  Recycling is fantastic!   I might not be able to tell you exactly how to make these wunderbites, but I will tell you that you should eat them – and that’s coming from someone who generally is not a fan of dates.* 

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Cooking With Kids: A Figure-Maintaining Tip

Cooking with kids is a great way to kill both a morning and a diet/hourglass figure.  However, I have come up with a foolproof way to cook with Boo WITHOUT gaining an ounce.  If I screw it up, I’ll lose weight!  It’s like magic.  Also, for my purposes here, I’m going to use “cook” to cover both “cook” and “bake” – it’s easier for us all, although I do know the difference.  We happen to do both at la Casa de Boo.

Boo loves to cook.  On the days when one (or both) of us are a bit (or a lot) grumpy or the weather is horrid, cooking has prevented one (or both) of us from being defenestrated.  When I ask Boo if he wants to cook, he always lights up and is immediately agreeable.  It’s the only way I know to guarantee a “yes” out of this toddler, whose tracking occasionally gets stuck on the word “no.”

We probably cook once or twice per week.  It’s also a sure-fire way that Boo will eat something; the kid takes pride and interest in what he helps create.  Anyway, while we rarely bake sweets, I’m the type who likes to taste pretty much every viable ingredient, along with the work in progress. Something I learned about myself when I was asked for recipes that Boo and I make is that I change a LOT of stuff.  Some of my changes are due to what is on hand, others are health-based, and yet others are based on what I think will taste best.  Part of my tasting is to adapt recipes.  This is a bit of problem when people ask me for recipes as I rarely write down what I change and my measurements are generally amounts like ‘some’, a ‘bit’, and a ‘smidge’.

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Five Good Things, the Fifteenth Incarnation

I’m pretty sure this is the fifteenth incarnation of this game.  Regardless of my count accuracy, it’s another Monday, so here’s another round of five good things.  As an aside, this week was a little trickier than most as I spent a good chunk of the weekend with a nasty headache, hiding in my bed, in the dark, and trying not to vomit.  I suppose it’s technically a good thing that said headache finally cleared up, particularly as headaches and toddlers are about as much fun as I imagine the rack with headache to have been.

1.) The wait is almost over: Betty White hosts SNL this coming Saturday!

2.) I am going to plant this week; I bought dirt (yes, apparently the stuff in my yard is full of lead so I bought a 40lb bag of dirt) and some starter herbs.  Yum.

3.) I got to catsit last weekend.  I’m particularly pleased about this as different friends totally snubbed me as a dogsitter option a couple of weeks ago.  Please, there’s a whole byline in my resume detailing my experience and expertise with wrassling and removing Objects That Ought Not Be Ingested.  Plus, puppy = toddler.  We covered this last week.

4.) I went on a brewery tour over the weekend and got to bring home a “free” gift!  By “free” I mean that they charged us for the tour, but they didn’t advertise the gift – we thought the charge was for the experience and beer at the end.

5.)  I have a new bacon recipe to try; Baconalia II is almost complete.  (I revamped the title, as I think the Roman numerals add a bit of class.)


Chia Pet Ice Cream

Yesterday I ate – and enjoyed – some lime and chia seed sorbet.  I live down the street from this fantastic little ice cream joint, which I visit rather often.  It’s important to support local businesses.  I love going there and not just because I’m an aspiring fatty.  See, pretty much everything they make is totally delicious, the place is bright and clean, the employees are a less annoying version of Ned-Flanders friendly, and they have a great variety of constantly rotating sweet and savory flavors. The friendly staff is more than generous with the samples; some of them are almost like sample pushers – do I really want to order something I didn’t sample?  I really appreciate this as while I’m curious to taste the olive oil and black pepper ice cream, I probably don’t want a whole dish of it.  (That was my suspicion and then confirmed as truth.)

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Occupational Hazard

I find a lot of interesting “treats” in my pockets when I do laundry.   One of my “tricks” with the kid when he finds something small that he can’t possibly risk losing is to offer to put it in my pocket and he can “remind me” when he wants it back.  (Sometimes I just take it out if it is an annoying shape/size/gross.)  I just threw in a load of laundry with half a dozen pairs of pants.  Treasures from my pockets included: environmentally-friendly chapstick (mine), fifty-seven cents, two miniature Uno cards (blue 8 and green reverse), a hotel key card, three tissues (at least two unused), two raisins, and a sticker of a bus.  I kept the money and the chapstick; the rest went to the trash.

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