In Germany today is Montag.

It is Monday and I am TIRED.  Tired like it is my job, except I sort of suspect I am tired because of my job.  Today was one of those days that I would have enjoyed “modeling” napping much more than tumbling.  Sadly, it was not to be.  Despite this deficiency in my life, I still have…FIVE GOOD THINGS!

1.) I made cupcakes tonight.  The recipe told me to expect twelve cupcakes; this usually means I will get nine.  However!  Tonight I got FIFTEEN.  (Math: 9 < 12 < 15)

2.) Something that I am working on is becoming like those people who strategize sales and coupons to stock their pantries at a profit.  While I am not quite like them yet – mostly because I have a job, something of a life, and remnants of my sanity – I have really been rocking out in this department.  I went to Walgreens on Sunday and saved over three times what I spent.  I am awesome *and* I have some delicious treats and a new bottle of soap in my bathroom.

3.) Have you been watching Olympic hockey?  I have and I have been quite pleased.  Fantastic.

4.) I found the PERFECT gift for a friend who has a birthday coming up.  I really enjoy giving people things I think/know they will enjoy and appreciate.  It is quite possible I get more pleasure out of it than the recipient.

5.) I got six pieces of mail today and not a single one was a bill!  One was a credit card offer, but still – no bills!


1 Response to “In Germany today is Montag.”

  1. 1 PitterPatterPater
    March 12, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    I have been neglectful in my blog reading duties but will keep on track.

    You have a well developed writing style which is complimented by an offbeat
    sense of humor. I wonder where that comes from. Keep it up.


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